Choosing An Immigration Lawyer

Are you an immigrant to the United States? Or perhaps you are facing any legal problems with immigration right now? There are so many rules and regulations covered by immigration law that it can be tough to manage any legal obstacles that come your way without the help of an immigration lawyer.

If you are thinking of hiring a legal counsel to help you out with an immigration problem, you should seriously consider an attorney whose field of specialization is immigration law. It’s important to realize a general legal counsel will know a lot more about all laws than a normal person, but if you want an in-depth analysis of your immigration problem and be represented adequately in an immigration legal situation, then you have to go for a specialized immigration lawyer. (Continued below…)

Keeping Up To Date

In choosing an immigration law attorney, make sure you choose one who is well-aware of the laws and keeps up to date on all the latest trends involving immigration rules and regulations. This is because the rules for immigration are always being updated and since immigration law is a very technical subject matter, then you need a lawyer who is not out of touch with the current trends. If you want the best chances of a beneficial outcome to your immigration legal issue, then you need to have a lawyer who does his/her research and is well-informed on the current application of immigration laws.

This is why a general attorney is not your best option. Look for a legal firm with a solid history of handling and winning immigration cases.  Ask for actual facts and statistics on the types of cases they have handled, especially cases similar to yours. Do your own research and try see if the firm has a membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). This is one way of determining whether the lawyer actually makes an effort to keep up with current immigration law trends or not.

Choose An Immigration Attorney With Experience In Handling Your Particular Legal Problem

There are several sub specializations within the broad scope covered by immigration law. In choosing an immigration lawyer, remember to look for one who is actually experienced in handling your particular legal situation. An attorney who has successfully won or resolved cases involving your specific legal problem before is always preferable.  Remember that immigration law can encompass many fields including:

  • Family Immigrant Visas
  • Employment Visas
  • Deportation Cases
  • Detention Cases
  • Special Petitions or Assignments in Immigration

Will My Chances Of Getting A Favorable Decision From The USCIS Be Affected By The Lawyer I Choose?

Definitely.  The statistics actually speak for themselves. Statistics from the U.S. Division of state show that in 2012, there were 2,443,984 ineligible immigration and non-immigration visa applications. However, the good news is that 964,578 of these applications were overturned later.

This is where the importance of choose a competent immigration legal counsel comes into play. The most common reasons for the refusal or ineligibility of an immigration petition actually involve either scams and misrepresentation or incomplete program or supporting documents. With the help of an immigration attorney, none of these would be a problem.

How Your Immigration Lawyer Can Make A Difference

An immigration attorney can provide a variety of legal services to ensure that you do not make any of the common mistakes that lead to an ineligible immigration petition. Your lawyer can make sure that you have all the proper supporting documents and that you properly supply any deficiencies in your petition.

Furthermore, if you are not too comfortable with English, an immigration specialized lawyer can walk you through the steps that you need to take in order to complete your visa form.

Basically, an immigration lawyer can aid you in preparing the paperwork and getting through the legal “red tape” to attain your desired immigrant status, explain in detail what your actual options for immigration are and act as your legal representative with the USCIS.

They Are Not Superhuman

Remember that the decision of the USCIS is out of your lawyer’s hands. Therefore, an immigration attorney is not some fixer who can put in the good word in the USCIS for you. This is illegal. As your legal representative, they a competent immigration attorney can definitely make your experience with immigration and the USCIS very hassle-free.