Administration Threatens Immigrant Protesters While Demand For H-2B Visas Exceeds Supply

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9th Feb 2018

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There is a disturbing ongoing trend with the Trump administration of cracking down on immigration. Yes, you read that right and that was not a typo. The administration of the current US president is cracking down not only on illegal immigration but on immigration itself.

This is an opinion that is often advanced by anti-administration protesters, but it is not without its merits. According to USA Today contributor, Tania Unzueta Carrasco, Trump is attacking immigration activists like her in order to facilitate the current downward spiral of the US government into a full dictatorship spearheaded by trump himself. More and more evidently, the right to political dissent is coming under threat.

Protesters Harassed

Carrasco backs up her claims with specific events happening during and under the direct influence and/or supervision of the current administration:

In February of 2017, in Jackson, Miss., an individual named Daniela Vargas was detained soon after attending a press conference wherein Vargas voiced her complaints about a raid in her house and her family being detained. Vargas and her family are immigrants.

March of the same year, two members of an organization for worker’s compensation in the milk industry in Vermont called “Migrant Justice” and identified as one Enrique Balcazar and Zully Palacios were tailed by Border Patrol agents as soon as they left their community. Ensuing events have led to deportation charges against the two.

Of particular note is that this happened in California as well and as recent as May of 2017. A certain Claudia Rueda was detained, once again by Border Patrol agents just outside of her home. Her offense? Attempting to gain support for her mother who had been under immigration detention.

Finally, another activist, Maru Mora-Villalpando was charged with deportation last December and was detained by the Immigrant and Customs Enforcement. The irony is that this particular activist has had no prior contact with either the police or the ICE.

H-2B Petitions On The Rise

Meanwhile, amidst the looming threat against immigration in the US, there has actually been a sudden influx of applications in the form of H-2B temporary labor petitions. Whether this is a direct result of the scare against immigration or not remains to be seen.

The fact of the matter however is that the US Department of Labor announced that there is an unprecedentedly high demand for H-2B visas – more than what is currently available in 2018. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are currently brainstorming how to best deal with this issue. One possible solution may be to resort to an age-old technique: random selection. This means that the agency may consider random selection in the allocation of H-2B Visas in order to ensure fair distribution. Whether this idea will push through or not will no doubt be revealed in subsequent press releases.

Historically, the H-2B visa has always been limited in quantity and this so-called “cap” is actually statutory in nature. The congress has recently set this at 66,000 per fiscal year. For more information on the H-2B cap, you may visit the official homepage of the USCIS

Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Planning to start the immigration process right now? The road ahead promises to be rocky based on these recent developments, but this is why hiring an immigration attorney is still your best option. In the unpredictable and ultimately unforgiving world of US immigration, one mistake could cost you your entire petition and this means years of saved up, hard earned money and actual time and effort down the drain.

False accusations of immigration fraud leading to becoming permanently banned from immigration are becoming more commonplace in modern times.  This is why getting personal advice and actual assistance in the immigration process from a competent immigration lawyer is not just recommended, but an absolute necessity.

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