How To Immigrate To The US

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11th May 2018

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As a US immigrant, there are a handful of things that you need to know so that you can quickly get acclimated to living in the US. While agencies like the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) are great for learning all about the technicalities involved in US immigration, they are not exactly around to help get more people into the US. Rather, the agency functions as more of a watchdog to ensure that only people who have passed through the legitimate immigration process and who may actually contribute something useful to the US economy are allowed into US soil.

With that said, there are of course lots of private immigration agencies offshore as well as in the US who can help you out with immigration. This is true even in the face of the Trump Administration’s open attack on illegal immigration.

Family Immigration

The easiest way to get into the US is through family immigration. First of all, do you have a family member who is already in the US as either a legal immigrant or a US Citizen? If you do, then you may have an easy ticket into getting into the US and without having to cross borders illegally or deal with any of the administration’s rabid watchdogs.

All you need is to have your family member petition you via a form I-130 and be willing and financially able to sponsor you. You can get more up to date information on this matter at the USCIS homepage or by getting in contact with a competent immigration attorney.

In any event, the law states the legal requirements to be eligible for family immigration. If you are any of the following:

  • You are a US citizen’s spouse, parent or child.
  • You are a US citizen’s unmarried child (above age of 21), married child or a sibling.
  • You are the spouse or minor child of a Green Card holder.

Getting A Job From An American Company

If you have the skills and are somehow able to land a job in the US, then your company can actually sponsor your entry. You can do this by searching online for any job offers for overseas employees from US-based companies.

The more common method of doing this however is through a satellite branch of an American company based in your own country. If you are familiar with any American-based companies in your particular field of expertise, you should actively look to join these companies – especially if they regularly absorb overseas employees into their main branch in the US.

The employer will file a form I-140 and an accompanying labor certification in order to bring you into the US based on a worker’s visa. There are also some specialized job categories for people with special skills and if you can find a willing company to sponsor you after you prove your skills, you may be eligible for a green card. Furthermore, there you can self-petition if you can be categorized as an “Alien with Extraordinary Activity,” which is something that you may want to discuss with an immigration attorney if you feel that you may be qualified.

Diversity Visa Lottery

This method is based purely on chance. If you happen to belong to the list of under-represented countries in the US, then you can take part in the Diversity Visa Lottery program wherein you may win a green card – if you happen to be one of the 50,000 annual winners in the program. There are also eligibility requirements to take part in this lottery. You can find more accurate info at this page:

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