Immigrants in the U.S. illegally make us safer

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10th May 2018

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Every politician has an angle to his/her campaign. For example, in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte created a demon called “Illegal drugs” and rode the horns of this demon all the way into the presidential seat with the promise that he would eradicate illegal drugs and fill the country with rivers of blood — but of course, only the blood of those guilty of being associated with illegal drugs.

Does this sound familiar? That is because President Donald Trump of the US waged a similar campaign. He created a demon called “illegal immigration,” and while promising to bring the solution, influenced millions of Americans to vote for him.

From the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump painted “illegal immigration” as the culprit behind almost all of the country’s problems from rising crime rates to illegal drug trade and the dwindling US economy.

From the beginning of his campaign for president, Donald Trump portrayed illegal immigration as a forest fire that threatens to spread rapidly and engulf us all. Mexicans, he charged, are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He thought Americans should be afraid.


From The Chicago Tribune

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