Top Immigration Stories Week of July 23 to 29

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27th Jul 2017

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This is the face of deportation: A dad with no criminal record, an American wife and two kids

Six-year-old Preston Colindres runs up the driveway and front steps and jumps into his father’s arms.

Colindres’ children don’t know their father’s heart is breaking.

Colindres, 33, fled from Guatemala more than a decade ago. He and his American wife, Samantha, can’t quite figure out how to tell their young children that in less than a month he may no longer greet them on the steps of their New Fairfield home.

How do you explain to a 6-year-old why their father is going to be deported? The couple is unsure — especially when they can’t figure it out themselves.

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ICE arrests 114 in New York operation targeting fugitives, illegal immigrants

An Ecuadorian citizen who was illegally in the United States and had been convicted of rape was among 114 people arrested during an 11-day operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in New York, the agency said Tuesday.

ICE said the sweep, which ended Saturday, targeted fugitives and and people who have violated U.S. immigration laws, including those who re-entered the country after being deported.

Of those arrested during the operation, 82 people had criminal histories, including prior convictions for sex crimes, drug offenses and fraud, while 15 others had pending criminal charges, including assault, larceny and sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Sessions announces new conditions for sanctuary cities to get federal money

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that sanctuary cities must give federal immigration authorities access to jails and alert them when someone facing deportation will be released from custody in order to receive certain law enforcement grants.

Sessions rolled out the new rules as part of his promised crackdown on sanctuary cities, so called because they do not cooperate with federal immigration agents.

Under old rules, cities seeking grant money needed only to show that they weren’t prohibiting local law enforcement from communicating with immigration authorities.

Police use the money for everything from bulletproof vests to body cameras.

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Florida county sued for detention of US citizen at behest of immigration officials

In itself, Garland Creedles short stay at Miamis Turner Guilford Knight correctional center ought to have been unremarkable. Arrested after an alleged domestic dispute at his family’s home one evening in March, the 18-year-old posted bond, and charges were never filed.

The Honduran-born teenager, however, now finds himself at the center of a legal fight that immigration activists hope could ultimately restore Miamis status as a so-called sanctuary city and end county mayor Carlos Gimenezs controversial cooperation with Donald Trumps aggressive anti-immigrant agenda.

A lawsuit filed against Gimenez and Miami-Dade County by a coalition of advocacy groups, including the University of Miami school of laws immigration clinic and the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, claims county jail officials acted illegally by detaining Creedle for two days at the request of US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (Ice) as a removable alien even after his bond payment had posted.

According to the lawsuit, not only is Creedle a US citizen, making him ineligible for deportation, but Miami-Dades actions in holding anyone on an immigration detainer without a valid arrest warrant contravenes both the US constitution and Florida law.

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British Newlyweds Say They Were Barred from Entering US

Natasha Politakis says US embassy has refused to say why she and her Turkish-born husband were stopped at LA airport

A British woman has said her honeymoon was ruined after she was held in detention for 26 hours by US border officials before being sent back to the UK.

Natasha Politakis said she and her husband, Ali Gul, were barred from entering the US after flying to Los Angeles to begin their honeymoon.

She said the US embassy had since refused to say why she and Gul, who is of Turkish Muslim origin, were stopped by border guards in May.

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20 Attorneys General Urge Trump To Defend Protections For Dreamers

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and also the leading police officers in 18 various other states and the District of Columbia prompted head of state Donald Trump to promote securities for young undocumented immigrants, known as Dreamers, who came to the U.S. as children. They also promised to assist in protecting the policy versus suits from other states opposed to the program.

Former President Barack Obama’s management applied the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also referred to as DACA, in 2012. The policy shields approximately 800,000 young immigrants from deportation, as well as allows them to work legally in the country, get drivers licenses and use to travel abroad.

On the campaign path, Trump guaranteed to promptly end the program, but has yet to do so. He’s since spoken sympathetically regarding Dreamers, explaining some undocumented young people as amazing kids and also declaring they need to be treated with heart.

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Mexicans, Guatemalans were in packed truck outside San Antonio Walmart, officials say; 9 dead

Some of individuals discovered crammed in a sweltering 18-wheeler parked outside a San Antonio Walmart consisted of Guatemalans and Mexican nationals, authorities with both nations stated Sunday, as the very first information about the fatal supposed human-trafficking case began to emerge.

Eight males were discovered dead in the truck and one guy passed away later on at the medical facility, inning accordance with Liz Johnson, a spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Some 17 individuals were thought about in “deadly” condition, The Associated Press reported. ICE had actually revealed 10 were dead prior to modifying the number to 9.

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