What Do Immigration Lawyers Deal With?

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7th Aug 2017

Immigrants arriving by boat
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What Do Immigration Lawyers Deal With?

The short answer is: “a whole lot.” Of course, that does not really answer the question. Immigration lawyers have to deal with a lot of different things because of the broad scope of immigration law. This is why while a general attorney will be more knowledgeable than the average person when it comes to immigration law, it is really best to hire a specialist who is actively practicing in the field of immigration law.

Interpreting The Law

While the judicial branch of government (the courts, basically) is the branch that is actually tasked with interpreting the law in case of ambiguities, this just means that the courts have the final say on how the law should be applied.

As far as interpreting the law so that it can be easily understood, this is the task of a lawyer. In the case of immigration law, this is obviously one of the duties of your immigration lawyer. Therefore, one of the primary things that an immigration attorney deals with is simplifying complex immigration rules and procedures so that they are understandable to the client.

After that, the attorney provides the most viable options available for a client in a particular immigration related legal situation. Your immigration lawyer is in the best position to analyze your particular case and then plot out a course of action that is most favorable for you.

An Immigration Lawyer Can Immigrant Of His/Her Rights And Responsibilities

As an immigrant, you have certain rights and responsibilities. By staying in the U.S., you are expected to comply with certain legal obligations. Conversely, you are also granted certain rights and privileges and unless you have made any violations that forfeit these rights, they are guaranteed and no one may deprive you of these rights.

Exactly what are these rights and responsibilities? Well, this is one of the duties of your immigration lawyer: to duly inform you of your rights and responsibilities as an immigrant.

Getting Through The Paperwork

If you are applying for a green card in order to obtain permanent resident status, then you will have to accomplish a whole lot of paperwork. You have to be extra careful with the forms and their content because even just a tiny mistake could be costly. The USCIS is super strict when it comes to immigrant visa applications and if your application is rejected, the fees that you paid are non-refundable.

Every year, thousands of applications are turned down by the USCIS on mere technicality and not based on the actual qualification of the individual. As an immigrant, you cannot really be expected to know all about the intricacies of filing an immigrant visa application. It is easy even for very well-educated and well-qualified individuals to make a costly but simple mistake. Everyone makes mistakes when it’s their first time after all.

Fortunately, this is where a lawyer’s help can be extremely invaluable. An experienced and reputable immigration attorney can easily get you through the necessary paperwork and prepare all the legal red tape in your favor. An immigration attorney is expected to be well-aware of all the applicable rules and the ins and outs of the USCIS. Naturally, while this is not a guarantee that your application will eventually be accepted, you can rest assured that your papers are in good hands as far as the technical aspect of application is concerned.

An experienced immigration attorney will also be able to brief you on what to expect and will know how to prevent delays and even bargain with the USCIS in your favor.

Deportation Cases

In case you are facing deportation, then you will definitely want your defense to be handled by a reputable immigration lawyer. This will ensure that you have competent legal representation for your case in order to give yourself the best chance of success in defending the charges filed against you.

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